Final Reflection

When I first enrolled in this class, I was expecting to learn about new and emerging technologies. I wasn’t sure what that would entail, but I was pretty excited for it regardless. So, when I found out that we were mostly going to be working with video, I was feeling two things: 1. great because over the summer I was telling people how I worked with video and video editing  in the past, but of my videos are silly and I’m not too sure if I would want to show my future employers those videos. 2. A little disappointed because I’ve worked with video editing, only it’s been on my own time and not in a classroom setting. Nonetheless, I am glad to have taken this class. I believe I have learned new things. I also found the readings very insightful, engaging, and inspirational, especially as a writer. I would love to refer back to these readings whenever I’m dealing with writer’s block. I enjoyed working with film. I enjoyed learning that anything and everything could be used to tell a story through film. I leaned new things about the camera and to look at the world in a different light- not to sound too cheesy.

I am very pleased with what I have over the course of this semester. My favorite unit was the manifesto and I believe that’s the video I am most pleased with- even though the audio isn’t even. The video that I think could use more work my Art of the Real video- the one with the students’ arts and crafts center. I however, I think I’m just mad because I didn’t realize that the camera I was working with is ancient and all my footage was blurry. I also realized that if I wanted to have an idea of how the audio sounds, I need to edit the video without earphones. I really took this to heart when I presented ‘Art of the Real’ and my drafts for my ‘This I Believe’ videos.

Even though video editing takes hours upon hours to do, I found myself enjoying it regardless. I tend to be happy with my final results as well. I do believe that this is something I can continue on in the future. Even if I don’t get a job that involves video editing, if I have the time, I could see myself doing this on my own time. I love matching music with footages and I’ve always enjoyed movies, so making my own always peaked my interest.


Some key moments in my overall process of this video was getting footage of myself acting like a kid and getting interviews from people of all ages and had different musical experience. If anything, I wish that I was able to get some interviews with some men. I realized that I mainly spoke to women. I knew one guy who plays the guitar for fun and he would have been perfect to interview. However, I used him in the last video and I figured it wouldn’t be right to use him again. My focus was to draw people in the opening of my video and so I tried getting strong b-roll footages that would really grab my viewer’s attention. Another key moment was when I would figure out what I wanted my message to be when I was compiling my footage together. Though I knew I had a lot of material to work with, I feared not having enough, but after a while, I realized I could take my video in different directions.

The feedback I got from my class was pretty positive. They loved my siblings and found them to be adorable. Also many enjoyed the music I chose for this video. They thought I was funny in the beginning of the video. Suggestions I was given in the future is to make sure my camera isn’t so shaky- something I failed to realize until watching it after a few times- and to consider whether or not this my argument applies to those who have hearing impairments.

I learned that when it comes to video editing, I can be a perfectionist. I spent hours on making sure the beginning alone was “perfect.” There were certain footages where I felt the music should match up to and I wanted to make sure that my own voiceovers were even. Some of them sounded a little different, but I wouldn’t be surprised if if was because I was half asleep when I recorded myself. When it came to trying to work with the footage I got from the inBflat collaboration, the audio from my computer was jumpy and I realized that it would be a ridiculous task to try to match the music with the videos. There was one footage I had of three of the videos working and I considered using that. However, I figured it would be awkward if I just showed those three videos playing and ignoring all the other videos. In a way I regret having to scrap the whole thing I wanted to do with the inBflat collaboration, but perhaps it worked out for the best. I’m under the impression that it would have enhanced to my final production, but the ending is fine the way it is.

My main audience is for college students since this is a time where we are to find ourselves. I was hoping to reach out to everyone and show that learning an instrument is not a waste. Yes, practicing can be hard and annoying, but when it comes to making music, we become part of a larger community. Also if I was going to continue this, I would like to explore how those with hearing impairments are affected by music. I think that’s an interesting topic.

I made this video because I was reflecting on how much I miss playing the piano- hence all the scenes with me playing the piano. I would have liked to know if this video had anyone else reflect on times they practiced an instrument. For those who haven’t play an instrument before, I would like to know whether or not they were inspired to learn.

Post Production Video Part 2

After getting footage over Thanksgiving break, I felt much better. I felt like I had more material to work with and plenty of interviews. At one point, I had asked if my little sister could film me. However, I didn’t realize the camera was out of focus and she got a little ahead of herself and stared to rotate the camera. At first, I contemplated on having her film me again correctly, but I figured I would be able to use the shot so I kept it.

I had tried to record music from the keyboard on my phone and ipod, but the quality was horrible. So I figured I would stick with the version I already. Another happy accident I had, was when I was going thought one shot of me playing the piano, I noticed how clean the music was and then I realized that I could record myself playing Hungarian Dance and convert it to a mp3 file and use that as background music for the beginning. Next time, I would have really tried to interview my other brother and my cousin- they’re both teenagers and play an instrument. I would have also tried to get more b-roll so that when someone talked, I could have a voice over over some nice footage.

The only thing that bugged me was after putting some footage together, I feared that people would get bored with the video because after the beginning I would switch from person to person. My interviews had a lot of useful information, but because each interview was over seven minutes long, I had to cut out some things. I decided to stick with what helped push them to those hard times of practicing and why they continued. I wanted my stepmom to discuss her method behind why she wanted my siblings to play instruments. I also wish I was able to interview my own mother and see what she thought about making sure I knew how to play some instruments and whether or not she found it worth it though I don’t play anymore.

I could have taken this video in a couple different directions. I could have gone with ‘practice makes perfect so keep practicing!’ I also could have gone with ‘because music is universal, everyone should learn to play an instrument’ and end that with a youtube collaboration known and inBflat- though filming turned out to be a hassle since my internet wasn’t up to par at that time. Lastly, I could have gone with ‘though academics is important, kids need to something else and learning the music is a great way to show expression and another way they have to relax. However, that also brings up the question about whether or not kids feel relaxed when they play. Especially if they are forced to practice or feel the pressure of playing perfectly for a concert.

For my final cut draft, I felt pretty good about the footage I had and it was seven minutes long. I had wanted to get some footage on the inBflat collaboration but, as stated before, I failed. My pacing for the interviews was pretty good, so more b-roll wasn’t necessarily needed. Overall, my feedback was pretty positive. I was suggested to tighten some scenes and level out the audit. There also some scenes where I cut the interview too short, so it was like I interrupted my interviewees. Lastly, some scenes were out of place, so I needed to go back and organize them.

Gabrielle’s Review

I think your video was the most abstract out of all of ours. Because it was so different and your use of b-roll and topic was so effective, your reviews were very positive. Emily stated how because your video felt much very intimate, I agree. I felt as if your were sharing a part of your life with us.

Some were concerned with the quote you used from Ludwig Wittgenstein, but you put them at ease as your video progressed and didn’t necessarily get technical or make the video about the author. Lastly, Marina stated how she really was able to connect with this video since she has experience with dealing with a language barrier. All the commentary you received from the class just shows you how successful your video is.

You’re opening drew me in right away. I think the music you chose for this video is perfect. I also thought the topic you chose was pretty interesting too, breaking the barriers language imposes on us. It’s something that affects us all, but many of us don’t think about it, at least I don’t. I found the pacing to be great and I loved the amount of footage you had for this video. That said, I did notice some repeats and I wasn’t sure if you did that on purpose, but in the back of my mind I did wonder “did she run out of shots?” Nonetheless, I was still engaged and it was fun watching you and your boyfriend and different times/places.

I wanted to know more about music and body language being examples of ways to break the language barrier. I thought those were great points and I believe you could have taken thing a little farther for that. Perhaps you can talk about or interview someone about listening to music in another language. You can also go over how people who speak English as a second language initially broke those communication barriers. How did they initially reach other to others? Gestures? Translator?

I really enjoyed watching your video and after watching this video, I finally recognize how you looked back in freshmen year. It’s amazing how many changes we can go through! Great job!

Marci’s Review

Overall, the class had very positive reviews. Many people loved your opening scene with the marching banding talking about George Parks. People found it powerful and effective. It also led us to believe that your video to be about the marching band and how much of an impact George Parks had on the students. So, some were surprised to see it branch off to how art itself is something one should invest time in because it can lead to healing, relaxation, escape, and happiness. Another favorite scene was when Brian sang Ave Maria. One mentioned how most of us used audio from something else, so it felt very powerful for her to hear audio from one of the interviewees.

I found this video beautiful. As someone who loves the arts I felt like I could relate and the subject was very interesting for me. The scenes that really drew me in was the beginning where you interviewed people from the marching band and Trish flipping through different pictures she drew.

I agree with others who said that perhaps you would want to put the marching band scene towards the end of your video. I think that it could really bring your argument home and your video would have a powerful ending. Also, I do think that the transition to the second quote could have been smoother, and the scene for that particular quote could have been longer.

One commenter also mentioned the fact that she’s a writer and would have liked to see some writers in the film. As a writer myself, I agree, :)!  I also think that also makes one question what is art? When one thinks of art, do they just think of paintings and music? What about crafts? What about the girl Alaina interviewed who puts on makeup as a way to relax? Would that be considered art as well, even if she doesn’t consider herself an artist? That’s always an interesting question/argument, what makes art, art?

I really enjoyed watching your video. I enjoyed listening to the music, and I liked the amount of b-roll and interviews you add. Another suggestion I would make for next time is capturing the interviewees in action. Show us Trish drawing a new picture or Lauryn taking photos. Great topic, great video!

Warm Up Writing

Though I have an abundant amount of footage to work with, I feel as if I have too many talking heads. I remember reading a passage that stated that if one uses footage of someone  who just talks instead of a voice over of someone else while the audience sees some that brings their words to life, then you don’t have enough footage. That’s how I’m feeling right now. I feel as if I have only footage of people talking instead of more visual footage. Though I think I have a pretty strong beginning, I do believe that the middle and end are left to be desired.
I’m most satisfied with the beginning of my video. I think it sets up the mood and the tone of the video and guides the audience with that the video is about. However, I do think I start to veer off into something else, so I might end up hearing how I seem to have two very different ideas going on in my workshop. Or someone might just be frank with me and tell me that my video is all over the place and I need to fix that pronto.

I’m hoping to hear where people are drawn in and where they find themselves becoming bored or uninterested. I’m also interested in seeing what people are wanting to hear or expecting to see, especially after the beginning. Are my transitions smooth? Is the music too loud? I lowered and when ever people talk, I made sure the music was lowered as well, though I might have missed a couple clips. Does the interview with the kids work, or do think I should just stick with the college students and the parents- I did leave out a clip of one saying how she teaches her kids to play the piano, I just realized I forgot it. …I’m a mess :(